Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A half remembered dream...

What I ate/drank: A whole bottle of red wine
Time ate/drank: ~10 pm when i finished the bottle
Sleep time: 11:30 pm
Wake time: 10 am

This was a dream that I only partially remember...

I remember being in a different country. The entire foreign country was in a warehouse though. I remember seeing the color grey a lot; a lot of concrete in the structure. People were lining up to get an autograph from someone famous, i think. I don't know who it was but the person was super tall and kept growing.

The country was an under developed, 3rd world country. The entire population was made up of big fluffy kooshball people, like those creepy BoohBah things. They gave me two adorable stuffed creature things and i thought "wow! Their stuffed animals are so cute...too bad the country is so poor. I can't ever live here."

and really that's all i remember


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