Tuesday, November 30, 2010

ZEES - 11/29

Tue. 11/29/10
Food: 2 tangerines & pumpkin pie
Sleep Time: 12am
Woke up: 5am

Had a dream last night...don’t remember how it started but I was going to fly to Oslo for some reason, I guess to get the fuck away from everything.  Then I could travel anywhere in Europe.

So I took a train from New York to Ireland.  The train doesn't take me straight to the airport.  Instead, it drops me off on the bottom of a hill and I have to walk up to the airport. I get to Ireland airport, which looks more like a bus/train station.  I get my tickets for the 3:29pm flight to Oslo.  There are cabbies asking me if I need help looking around, but I don’t trust them. I see people try to get taken, but the airport will let sleazy cabbies hang around, but when they get kidnapped a task force swoops down and takes them out.  So a woman is being taken by a cabbie the task force swoops down.  The cab goes flying out like its a game glitch and heads towards me.  I deflect the car with my hands.  The cabbie stumbles out and has a pocket knife and points it at me.  He comes at me a couple times.  I think I had a double or something try to distract him and I go searching through the airports confiscated weapons bin & pull out a bigger knife.  We fight. The crazy cabbie/kidnapper, backs down after I hold him at bay.  Then I take his knife, he kinda settles down.  I take his knife and a bunch of other knives that he could get his hands on and slide them out of the bounds of the dream.  It looked like when you slide a image off the scene in flash and it won’t show up when you render an animation.  I looked down and I was sitting at my drawing desk, but I turned around and it was the airport again. So all that calms down, but the time is something like 3:34pm and sometimes my brain can’t always do the math and I have to keep checking it, so I keep checking the time and my ticket.  I’m just a paranoid person when I travel anyways...but I stress myself out thinking I missed my flight that I spent so much money on, which reminds me, it was hard to see how much it actually cost, my brain wasn’t conscious of money.   But I was so stressed out that I woke myself up and I was sweating like crazy.

Friday, November 19, 2010

ZEES - 11/18

Date: Wed. 11/18/10
Food: Beer, chips & dip, chicken finger, gummy worms
Time: 6:30pm
Sleep Time: 11:00pm
Woke up: 7:10

I don't remember much, except for a beer bottle that has different types of beer in it.  It was in a compartmentalized bottle with different sections that you get rid of after you drink a tablespoon of a flavor beer.

Another part of my dream I was fighting a big round monster with scaly skin.  I think I let it out of its cage, or someone else did.  It was impossible to put back in there so Batman & Robin had to kill it.

The monster

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crayon 11/16

Date: Wed. 11/16/10
Food: Steamed Chicken and Mixed Veggies and fruit juice
Sleep Time: ~12:00 am
Woke up: 8:20 am

This one was weird, and some parts are fuzzy, but I certainly remember the main chunk of it:

Me and a few people (I have no idea who they were but somehow I knew them) were looking to rent a room at this hotel. The hotel was a shitty house, i remember there being white walls and black shudders. The floors were all wood and there were a lot of doors with little windows. We saw something on television. It was the news.

I was then outside walking down a steep hill towards a parking lot. I could see a strip mall. There was a store selling blown glass objects, but it wasn't really a store it was open and it felt like part of the parking lot. The store made a border around part of the lot. We were trying to get to a small old car in the middle of the parking lot when suddenly really ridiculously tall people dressed in bright caution-cone orange robes started assembling. Most of them were really old. For some reason I knew they were from the KKK. We needed to get to the car so we could get away from them. We got in the car just as the mob of really tall KKK old people reached a ridiculous number. I think we hit one.

We ended up back at our rented home which was suddenly apart of the glass shop and very close to the orange robe people. I walked out to the parking lot to see infinte rows of peeled and half peeled oranges that were placed in stacks of boxes on shelves.

My boyfriend then proceeded to tell me that the rally went bad and there was a fight but because they were all old people the fight was very very slow and was stopped quickly before the president was hurt.

I looked at one of the oranges because I wanted one but then saw one of the orange robed guys turn and point at me angry. I made an angry face back, but it turned out that he was just pointing to the oranges behind me.

I was then in a taxi with my boyfriend going to a tall brick abandoned factory. The taxi driver in the front insisted we listen to his music. It was a song I've never heard before and it was a terrible cacophony of electronic harmonic sounds. There were lyrics. I woke up saying them but I can't remember what they are now.

All I know is that song was fucking terrible.

ZEES - 11/17

Date: Wed. 11/17/10
Food: Fried Fish con arroz y frijoles negros.
Time: 8:30
Sleep Time: 9:30
Woke up: 6:55

I suspect my stomach will hurt when I wake up, due to the fact that I am going to bed so soon after eating. but I think I might have a crazy dream.

It started off in the 60s at a premier of an Elvira movie people schmoozing I went to lay down in this bad in the back.  Elvira and this other guy that looked like Blackula, layed down and Elvira started showing her tits to a group of people around the bed and they were filming.  It was like some kind of weird burlesque. I fell asleep.  I woke up,  Elvira was naked beside me with Blackula. then i walked outside and met some guys that were friends of a friend. We drove to Staten Island to go see someone I told them about what happened before.  While we drove there.  Staten Island looked like some bombed out Escape from New York shit.  Except it was like a graff writer’s heaven.  Nothing but huge concrete slabs of what looked like old buildings with tons of pieces lining them.  Some of the guys looked at them and admired them with me, but it quickly became canvases and yuppies sitting in nice little chairs painting bullshit paintings. and it no longer looked bombed out, but sunny and bright.  Then i wasn't in the car any more but it looked like a high school art room, with a bunch of hipsters drawing with shitty markers.  I found these weird markers that dripped gobs of thick paint.  So I started using them  and painted weird demon faces. There were about 6 guys in the car and 3 or 4 of them were drawing with me, while some of the other guys talked about something with some of the people there.  I walked out of the room and I was in a room that looked like Mythbusters and I was there with my brother and a couple old guys that I felt I met before.  We were trying to design a machine that would let us see something small on a bigger screen, kind of like a microscope that had a TV on it.  But it just looked like an over heard projector in my mind.  I developed this is thing that stood like a movable chalkboard but contained mirrors that magnified what you slid in on the bottom right and showed on a TV screen on the top left.  The guy who was running the project then said, “now what would this look like if it was made for modern times.”  I figured it would look like a slide viewer.  You slide whatever you want to see in the bottom and its magnified on a screen for you to view.  Then I woke up.