Tuesday, November 30, 2010

ZEES - 11/29

Tue. 11/29/10
Food: 2 tangerines & pumpkin pie
Sleep Time: 12am
Woke up: 5am

Had a dream last night...don’t remember how it started but I was going to fly to Oslo for some reason, I guess to get the fuck away from everything.  Then I could travel anywhere in Europe.

So I took a train from New York to Ireland.  The train doesn't take me straight to the airport.  Instead, it drops me off on the bottom of a hill and I have to walk up to the airport. I get to Ireland airport, which looks more like a bus/train station.  I get my tickets for the 3:29pm flight to Oslo.  There are cabbies asking me if I need help looking around, but I don’t trust them. I see people try to get taken, but the airport will let sleazy cabbies hang around, but when they get kidnapped a task force swoops down and takes them out.  So a woman is being taken by a cabbie the task force swoops down.  The cab goes flying out like its a game glitch and heads towards me.  I deflect the car with my hands.  The cabbie stumbles out and has a pocket knife and points it at me.  He comes at me a couple times.  I think I had a double or something try to distract him and I go searching through the airports confiscated weapons bin & pull out a bigger knife.  We fight. The crazy cabbie/kidnapper, backs down after I hold him at bay.  Then I take his knife, he kinda settles down.  I take his knife and a bunch of other knives that he could get his hands on and slide them out of the bounds of the dream.  It looked like when you slide a image off the scene in flash and it won’t show up when you render an animation.  I looked down and I was sitting at my drawing desk, but I turned around and it was the airport again. So all that calms down, but the time is something like 3:34pm and sometimes my brain can’t always do the math and I have to keep checking it, so I keep checking the time and my ticket.  I’m just a paranoid person when I travel anyways...but I stress myself out thinking I missed my flight that I spent so much money on, which reminds me, it was hard to see how much it actually cost, my brain wasn’t conscious of money.   But I was so stressed out that I woke myself up and I was sweating like crazy.

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