Thursday, November 18, 2010

ZEES - 11/17

Date: Wed. 11/17/10
Food: Fried Fish con arroz y frijoles negros.
Time: 8:30
Sleep Time: 9:30
Woke up: 6:55

I suspect my stomach will hurt when I wake up, due to the fact that I am going to bed so soon after eating. but I think I might have a crazy dream.

It started off in the 60s at a premier of an Elvira movie people schmoozing I went to lay down in this bad in the back.  Elvira and this other guy that looked like Blackula, layed down and Elvira started showing her tits to a group of people around the bed and they were filming.  It was like some kind of weird burlesque. I fell asleep.  I woke up,  Elvira was naked beside me with Blackula. then i walked outside and met some guys that were friends of a friend. We drove to Staten Island to go see someone I told them about what happened before.  While we drove there.  Staten Island looked like some bombed out Escape from New York shit.  Except it was like a graff writer’s heaven.  Nothing but huge concrete slabs of what looked like old buildings with tons of pieces lining them.  Some of the guys looked at them and admired them with me, but it quickly became canvases and yuppies sitting in nice little chairs painting bullshit paintings. and it no longer looked bombed out, but sunny and bright.  Then i wasn't in the car any more but it looked like a high school art room, with a bunch of hipsters drawing with shitty markers.  I found these weird markers that dripped gobs of thick paint.  So I started using them  and painted weird demon faces. There were about 6 guys in the car and 3 or 4 of them were drawing with me, while some of the other guys talked about something with some of the people there.  I walked out of the room and I was in a room that looked like Mythbusters and I was there with my brother and a couple old guys that I felt I met before.  We were trying to design a machine that would let us see something small on a bigger screen, kind of like a microscope that had a TV on it.  But it just looked like an over heard projector in my mind.  I developed this is thing that stood like a movable chalkboard but contained mirrors that magnified what you slid in on the bottom right and showed on a TV screen on the top left.  The guy who was running the project then said, “now what would this look like if it was made for modern times.”  I figured it would look like a slide viewer.  You slide whatever you want to see in the bottom and its magnified on a screen for you to view.  Then I woke up.


  1. I'm still trying really hard to picture your chalkboard projection magnefying glass thing but it seems like it would totally not work. LOL but I am interested in your globby paint markers. It sounds like something crayola has.


    To see paint in your dream, symbolizes expression of your inner emotions.

    To dream about mass destruction, suggests that there is some chaos occurring in your life. Things may not be going the way you want it to. Perhaps the choices you are making are self-destructive.

    To see demons in your dream, represent ignorance, negativity, distress or your shadow self.

    To see or use an overhead projector in your dream, suggests that you need to "project" yourself. You need to make your presence known and your voice heard.

  2. so to sum up:

    Fried Fish con arroz y frijoles negros

    leads to:

    Sex with Elvira, Blackula, painting and inventing.

  3. It was a no sex dream dude! I just saw it happen. I was fully clothed when I woke up. It's like when you go to a party and you get wasted, and lay down. Then stupid drunk asses start making out on the bed next to you, then ya gotta get up and do something else besides pass out.

  4. hmm, hmm sure Zees. At the least you are a voyeur of creepy Halloween sex.

    At most you had nasty dream sex with Elvira and Blackula.

    Either way your brain needs to realize Halloween is over.

    Either way it's hilarious.


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